Not all Dwarf technological expertise is dedicated to the arts of war. One of the earliest applications of steam power was the first version of the Earth Borer mining drill, which replaced the earlier hydraulic mining drill.[1a]

At first, Dwarfs mounted a huge, steam-powered drill onto a modified cannon carriage. The drill was made of the finest steel and it powered by a steam engine that formed most of the bulk of the device. Success was limited, but it gave the engineers some much valued sessions which led to improvements. The first step involved increasing the efficiency and performance of the engine so that the drill could be rotated at higher speeds. Next, the drill bit was strengthened so that the edge would not dull as quickly. To achieve this goal, engineers coaxed the Jewelsmiths' craftguild into providing diamond chips which the engineers embedded into the drill's cutting edge. Finally, engineers devised a means to protect the machine's operators while propelling the drill. That cannon carriage was then modified so that a second steam engine could power the carriage's drive.[1a]

The Earth Borer is a six-wheeled, steam-powered vehicle with front and side armour to protect the machine and its operator from flying debris. A finely polished sheet of clear quartz is mounted at the front of the drill, so that the operator can see the drill bit and rock face ahead. The Bhlak and Dekkur drill bit is made of the hardest steel, studded with diamonds. It is powered by one of the machine's two steam engines; the other powers the wheels. The Earth Borer consumes a lot of fuel, and it is only used on exceedingly hard rock (such as granite), or when a tunnel must be constructed quickly.[1a]


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