The Earl Larret is a very ambitious man. He has also advanced about as far as he can without forcing major political changes, which makes him very dangerous to people in his way, such as the Duke of Artois. Ideally, the Earl would like to see a scandal bring down the house of Duke Chilfroy, opening the way for him to become Duke of Artois. From there, he would be in a position to see his son, Fredemund, become King.[1a][1b]

The Earl is also a genuinely cultured individual. He does not consider satirical entertainers as part of a nefarious plot; he tolerates them because he finds them amusing and can't imagine killing a Minstrel simply for offending him. The rumours, incidentally, are true; he did spend some time as a minstrel, mainly in Tilea, during his period of errantry. His tolerance of Scholars comes from a similar feeling, and whilst he has no tolerance for servants of the Ruinous Powers, he does give scholars the benefit of the doubt, which can be dangerous.[1b]

In person, the Earl, who is now in his late fifties, balding, and a little overweight, is very pleasant. He listens to what people say before making his decisions and takes no pleasure in other people's suffering. On the other hand, he is absolutely ruthless.[1b]

He would never order someone tortured to death, but he has no qualms about ordering quick executions. Indeed, he prefers not to mutilate people and often executes them instead. Crippled Criminals do not often make a useful contribution to society, after all.[1b]

He makes an excellent patron for Mercenaries, as he has lots of schemes in which he can use them. There is a risk that he will fall to Chaos, but it is not large. His main weakness is for his son, Fredemund, whom he desperately wants to see become a Grail Knight. Mercenaries might be asked to extract the heir to the earldom from all kinds of scrapes.[1b]


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