Found in Altdorf's Schmutzplatz, The Eagle of Luccini was once a grand stone building with intricate carvings and ornamentation upon its crenelated façade. Now it is falling down, with large cracks across its stone walls and a crumbled and abandoned annex. The sign, a green eagle upon a red and white striped field, is faded and looks more like a chicken now. Locals often call the place ‘the Tilean chicken’ which is the name for a spiced chicken stew served there – as well as an insult to Tileans in general.[1a]

The place is all spit and sawdust with no pretensions of quality. The landlord, Mauric Wissen, piles it high and sells it cheap. He has poor, nameless beer and cheap wine, which he pretends is Tilean. There is a sign for Thunderwater Ale in the window but the last of that was sold years ago. There is an air of quiet degeneracy, as if the entire clientèle is resigned to everything getting worse. There is the odd burst of excitement, especially surrounding the recent monster sightings, and occasionally a fight breaks out.[1a]

Yuri Popov drinks here, as do many of the down-and-outs who eat at the Dove of Love next door. Landlord Mauric Wissen is greasy, chubby, and hairy. He has given up trying to exert even the smallest control over what goes in his tavern. He pours the beer and takes the money. If anything happens, he hides behind the bar or slips out the back until the commotion dies down. He knows it is not worth his while to betray any of his customers, especially Yuri, and so greets any conversation, other than talk about the weather, with a disinterested shrug.[1a]


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