Warhammer Eagle Claw

The Eagles Claw

The Eagle Claw Bolt Thrower, or the Repeater Bolt Throwers are fine, elegant repeating ballista's used extensively by the armies of the High Elf and their sea-faring navies. The Lothern Sea Guard are particularly efficient in the use of these well-crafted bolt-throwers, that not only play pivotal roles upon the battlefield, but also bristle from the sides of Ulthuan's warships and the battlements of her fortresses.[1a]  

Eagle Claws can be found not only in Lothern, but throughout the Ten Kingdoms. The Bolt Thrower's canny design allows its crews to alternate fire modes at need: it can loose single shots capable of disembowelling a rampaging Giant, or clutches of six lesser bolts to mow down massed infantry before they reach the High Elf lines. Such is the skill of its Sea Guard crew, and the speed with which they reload, that only seconds separate one deadly volley from the next. A more compact version of the Eagle Claw is the Eagle Eye Bolt Thrower, which is utilized by the Hawkships of Lothern Skycutters.[1a]



  • 7th Edition. (Box Cover Art)
  • 7th Edition.
  • 6th Edition.
  • 4th Edition.
  • Warmaster.


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