Dwarf Nautilus

The great secret weapon of the Dwarf arsenal is the experimental Nautilus: a prototype submarine armed with deadly torpedoes. It is capable of sailing underwater for short distances, much to the consternation of the Dwarfs' enemies.[1a]

Dwarfs are known for their dislike of water, and are wary of sailing on normal surface ships so it is widely accepted that to join a Nautilus crew you must be mad. Suicidal young Sea Dwarfs, touched by tragedy, often volunteer for Nautilus duty as an alternative to a career as a Trollslayer. Casualties among Nautilus crews are high but there is no shortage of volunteers.[1a]


The Nautilus is armed with the dreaded Dwarf clockwork torpedo: a spring-driven tube of copper with an explosive warhead capable of crippling any foes it hits. This is a lethal device and only slightly unreliable.[1b]


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