"We have warriors, the Dwarfs have Giant Slayers. We have Scholars: the Dwarfs have Loremasters. Sometimes it seems they have to go one better in everything."
Eberhardt Festcrift, Chancellor, University of Altdorf[2a]
Dwarf Loremaster

Dwarf Loremaster

Loremasters, not to be confused with the High Elves' title of the same name, represent the highest level of Dwarf scholarly achievement. Dedicated to the pursuit and preservation of knowledge, loremasters are greatly respected by their people, valued for their advice, wisdom, and knowledge.[1a]

Every Dwarf settlement of any size will have at least one loremaster. To the confusion of other races, however, the title 'loremaster' is often conferred on the most able scholar of the community regardless of whether they are actually a loremaster. The loremaster performs a vital task within the community, being responsible for maintaining chronicles and traditions as well as using their profound knowledge to advise Dwarf leaders.[1a]

Not all loremasters shut themselves away with their books and scrolls. In larger Dwarf communities, loremasters are able to put aside their day-to-day duties in favour of their own research projects. These loremasters often travel far and wide in search of lost chronicles or forgotten Dwarfholds, trying to recover records or knowledge lost during the carnage of the Elf and Goblin Wars.[1a]


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