"Still, for all their bumbling about they certainly know how to make good cannons. You'll rarely see a Dwarf cannon blow up, not like those shoddy, cheap, oversized pop guns that the men of the Empire are so proud of... Great Cannons, bah!"
Durgrim Redmane, Hammerer.[2a]
Dwarf Cannon

Dwarfs crewing a Cannon in defense of their homeland

Dwarf Cannons are the most common artillery pieces used by all the armies of the Dwarfs. The first prototype Cannons were first invented by Dwarf Engineers within the workshops of Zhufbar, although now many of the larger strongholds have the know-how to make their own. One of the most potent of warmachines, a Dwarf Cannon can shatter the most heavily armored foe, rain barrages into massed enemy formations and topple the largest of monsters with great accuracy. Though these cannons are noticeably smaller than their human counterparts, they are nonetheless just as deadly and far more accurate. They are, however, somewhat temperamental devices, and even the best-forged cannons in the world, such as those made by the Dwarfs, are subject to occasional malfunction on the battlefield. Such malfunctions, such as the slightest crack or premature ignition of black powder, can result in devastating accidents.[1a]

The Dwarf Cannons are one of the first lines of defense for a Dwarf stronghold, where they can be seen barraging from mountain outposts, positions and in underground tunnels towards those that dare to invade their mighty homeland. In addition to the cannons stationed within strongholds, many clans maintain a number of cannons that can join a Dwarf throng on the march. These Cannons are usually hauled into overlooking positions on the battlefield where their long range and deadly accuracy can dictate the course of the battle. Given the quality of their make, many Cannons have been in service for a number of centuries and are highly cherished by their equally old crewmen.[1a]


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