Dwarfs place great importance upon beer and the practice of brewing; much more so than even the Empire of Man. It is a staple of their culture and regarded more as an art form than merely the process of fermenting grain crops to produce alcohol. The Brewmasters are the chief exponents of this craft, and brewing itself is one of the loftiest craft guilds in Dwarfen society. Highly respected, brewmasters are on an equal footing to jewelsmiths, metal workers and stonemasons - a distinction lost on Imperial society, some would warrant.[1a]

Brewmasters are possessed of a stout and bulky stature, thickset and perpetually red-faced, with a phenomenal constitution - it is a fool indeed who issues a drinking challenge to a brewmaster. Perhaps one of the most famous brewmasters of all time is Josef Bugman. His legacy stretches back to the Dragonback Mountain Dwarfs. Within a secret brewery hidden near the foot of the Grey Mountains, some of the finest beers ever tasted were created by him, most notably Troll Brew, Bugman's XXXXXX and Bugman's Special Brew.[1a]

The brewing process is one that takes many years and every brewmaster has his own secret recipes and differeing views on such things as fermentation time and ingredients. Such is the importance placed on the brewing art, dwarfs have many words for it, such as 'grizdal' and 'hazkal'. Indeed, there are many famous types of beer such as Thengeln's Golden Preserve, Durgrund's Hellfire, Old Fortitude and One-finger's Tar Drop. Most of a brewmaster's work is done in the brewery itself. It is well guarded, but so too is the ale store, where the fruits of his labours are stored to mature, not only from their enemies but from the brewmaster's kinsmen also! Multiple accounts tell of some dwarfs, who have a particular "weakness" towards ale, that suffer from "brew-fever": an affliction that renders a Dwarf insensible and utterly single-minded in the pursuit of a fine ale.[1a]

Once a beer is ready it will often be "uncasked" at Brodag, an annual brewing festival of Grungni.[1a]


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