Dwarf Ale

Dwarf Ale

Dwarfs are inordinately fond of Ale, which they brew and drink in vast quantities. Dwarf ale is so nourishing that it is possible to survive on it alone for weeks on end. Every stronghold has a store of barrels and takes pride in the unique flavour of its brews. Wars between clans have been started by the mere suggestion that a hold's ale tastes remotely similar to mannish brews (considered watery). After the length of his beard, the mark of any Dwarf is the amount he can guzzle, a feat warriors feel improves their battle prowess.[1a]

Dwarf Ale is much stronger than that produced in the Empire of Man, for Dwarf constitutions are much more robust. Indeed, so potent is some Dwarf Ale that it is believed it alone could sustain a Dwarf over long periods, without the need for water or food of any description. Undoubtedly, such a potent draught would as likely blind or kill a Human. According to accounts of alcohol-combustion engines from the Engineers' Guild at Zhufbar, some beers can even be used to power the great machines of the dawi.[2a]

Known Brews

  • Bolgan's Finest
  • Bugman's Dark Choice
  • Bugman's Special Brew
  • Bugman's XXXXXX
  • Dark Bitter
  • Durgrund's Hellfire
  • Goat-Kicker Ale
  • King's Gold
  • Old Fortitude
  • One-finger's Tar Drop
  • Thengeln's Golden Preserve
  • Troll Brew


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