Durzak Dragonback

Durzak Dragonback conversion by Nick Kyme

Although a relatively young dwarf, Durzak Dragonback held the position of Warden of the Brewery, meaning it was he who guarded it while Josef Bugman was away.[1b]

Durzak was a strong and mighty warrior, who was experienced fighting against the Greenskins. His deeds on the battlefield proved inspiring to his fellow clansmen.[1b]

As Josef Bugman was away on a delivery, Durzak Dragonback commanded the ill-fated final defence of Bugman's Brewery against Git Guzzler's goblin horde.[1a] If he was not killed at this battle, he was carried off by the victorious goblins to a fate unknown.[2a][3a]


  • Durzak's Helm: An heirloom of the Dragonback Clan, Durzak Dragonback's runic helmet is inscribed with a Master Rune of Gromril and two Runes of Iron.[1b]
  • The Dragonback Banner: Another ancient heirloom of the Dragonback Clan, this banner is centuries old. It is said that it is woven from the braids of priestesses of Valaya. The banner fills the hearts of nearby dwarfs with strength and valor.[1b]


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