By the time of VI, 195, the Errantry Wars in Bretonnia had succeeded in driving Greenskins from the heartlands and into the wild corners of the kingdom. As it happened, one such wild corner was Athel Loren, and the middle reaches of the forest found themselves inundated by a tide of greenskins.[1a]

The welcome side-effect of this was that the Wood Elves needed to do little about the Beastmen this year, as the rampaging Orcs and Goblins soon crushed the Children of Chaos. So pleased were the Wood Elves by this slaughter, that had the greenskins elected to leave the forest peaceably at this point, the Wood Elves would have allowed them to do so unmolested. Alas, such has never been the nature of Orcs and Goblins. Buoyed with confidence after destroying the Beastmen, the greenskins soon began hacking and burning as was their destructive wont.[1a]

Unfortunately for the greenskins, the first groves to feel the bite of their choppas were those under Durthu's wardenship. Scarcely had the first fire been lit when a great host of spirits swept out of the deepwoods. Dryads fell upon the Goblins with vicious glee, tearing the diminutive vandals to bloody scraps. Tree Kin ground their way through mobs of Orcs, their hides all but immune to the greenskins' wild blows. Seeing his ladz on the brink of retreat, Warboss Braka bellowed and roared at them to hold the line, only to be silenced when Durthu stomped him flat with one massive, gnarled foot. Soon after, the mighty Treeman set about nursing his slighted groves back to life using the bounty of blood and flesh that the battle had provided.[1a]


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