Warhammer Duriath Helbane

Duriath Helbane

Duriath Helbane, husband to Anethra Helbane is a powerful Dark Elven commander of the Black Ark Temple of Spite. In his seven hundred years as a Corsair, Duriath Helbane has raided cities of Ind, despoiled villages in the Southlands, fought ferocious lizards on the Dragon Isles and waged war against the armies of the Empire. His exploits have met with great success, yet he is still searching for the crowning glory to his career that will fix his name in legend.[1a]

To that end, Duriath has embarked upon an extremely hazardous yet potentially very profitable venture. Duriath has assembled a fleet of more than two dozen ships and ten thousand Dark Elves. He has promised bloodshed and riches beyond compare to lure the bravest and most ferocious Corsairs to his cause. With this force be plans to invade the High Elf colonies in the Isles of Elithis.[1a]

Of course, there is a chance that he will meet his death in battle on those distant shores - or be cast astray by a storm, consumed by a sea monster or sunk by the fleets of the High Elves before he even reaches his target. Yet Duriath Helbane, like those who follow him, is willing to dare anything for the prize that awaits them. If Duriath and his army can overthrow the effete rulers of the isles, he will burn their settlements to the ground and build a towering Dark Elf city in honour of the Helbanes. From here he will be able to control the mutes from the Boiling Sea and have a virtual monopoly on the flow of exotic spoils to the courts of Naggaroth. Fame, fortune and power await if Duriath is victorious - a worthy prize indeed![1a]


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