Dunkelberg, sometimes spelled as Dunkelburg, is a town on the northern bank of the River Grissen.[1a]

Southernmost of the Reikland's major trade centres, the market town stretches across several hills along the banks of the River Grissen. The older, richer portions of the town sit high on the hills, giving the nobles, and the rising merchant class wealthy enough to afford the oldest townhouses, a commanding view of the surrounding countryside. Despite its ever-increasing size, travellers note Dunkelberg's "rustic" feel, with regular markets clogging its winding streets. There shoppers can purchase livestock; local produce; several excellent, fruity wines produced by the surrounding villages; and hand-crafted goods from across the Suden Vorbergland. Wide-ranging "bleachfields" extend from the town, where local linen is dyed white by the sun around crops.[2a]

Dunkelberg's position near the looming Grey Mountains and the wild Graugrissen forest leads to regular raids by Goblin tribes. While the richer portions of the town are well fortified and protected by a high, stone wall, the rest lack any significant defences. As such, the poorer citizenry have learned not to grow too attached to their homes, belongings, or loved ones.[2a]

Dunkelberg has an excess of orphans, the result of frequent Goblin raids, diseases, and other unpleasant occurrences. Rather than leave them underfoot, the local duke has established a number of orphanages to provide shelter and sustenance for the children; however, to earn their keep, he puts the orphans, clad in their distinctive white uniforms, to work in the bleachfields. Visitors to Dunkelberg may be shocked to see so many urchins deployed as a labour force, though the callous disregard many of the wealthy of the town have developed toward orphan children is perhaps worse. Sister Alella, a local Shallyan priestess, has recently expressed concern over the well-being of these urchins, even claiming that a number of the children have vanished under suspicious circumstances, and is looking for help to uncover the truth of what's really happening.[2a]

Three infamous residents of Dunkelberg are the wealthy dowagers Kristen Meissen, Maude Schenkenfels, and Solveig "Aunty" Zweistein. They have been conspicuous rivals for as long as anyone can remember. For decades they have competed at inane pastimes, most recently tower-building: each frau is vying to create the tallest rickety structure.[3a]


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