"Assassin! Only vermin stab and flee in the night. Can you not fight a knight of the Lady, you that hide in the shadows and murder children and old men? Let me look you in the eye. Do yourself one service in your degenerate life: die a proper death..."
The Duke's challenge to a fleeing Khainite Assassin.[1]

Duke d'Argent was one of Bretonnia's esteemed Dukes, Baron of the Castille d'Argent and a fearsome Grail Knight.


As a ruler, d'Argent inspired loyalty and tenaciousness in all of his subjects. From noble knights, to peasant villagers and farmers, all were dedicated to protecting his lands.[1]

A large and imposing man, the Duke's iron-grey hair flowed to his broad shoulders, and his arms were heavy with muscle. Wielding his greatsword as easily as others would a rapier, he often seemed to radiate with power. Indeed, d'Argent was one of the fabled Grail Knights, and had thus acquired something of a reputation as an opponent. The captured banners that decorated the halls of the Castille were testament to his martial might.[1]

The Duke was particularly renowned for his victory against a Bestigor Warchief, and had by all accounts bested Vampires, Trolls and Greenskins of every variety. Amongst the Dark Elves of Naggarond, it was said that only the famed Kouran Darkhand could hope to stand against him. However, even they would not place their bets on the Captain of the Black Guard...[1]


1: Jahama's Lesson (Short Story), by Matthew Farrer

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