"Don't worry. Nobody can hear - nobody who isn't already one of us. All secrets are safe between friends, and Karl, it comes down to that: are you our friend? Either you show me proof that you're a follower of the true gods, or I shout for the guards and you'll be arrested, tried and burned before noon. Your word against mine, and I run this bloody army."
Duke Heller, General of the Empire (now deceased)[1c]

Augustus Heller, the famed Hero of Carroburg, was a Duke and well-respected general of the Empire's army. A master swordsman and a military genius in his own right; his many successes in the Reikland against the greenskins were reflected in the many medals he wore and the great bushiness of his moustache. In addition to such a companion on his top lip, he was always accompanied by lavish foods and ornate weapons. Indeed, it is said that such a multitude of victories under his belt resulted in an appetite of life that was as well known as his hunger for glory.[1a]

Although it is unclear where and when, it was undoubtedly his hunger for glory that drove him to becoming a secret, but devout, follower of Khorne. Duke Heller used his position to suppress several investigations when it became clear that the workings of Chaos had wormed its way into the very army he commanded. Even when a division of Knights Panther - whom also had secret sympathies to the God of Blood - went berserk and killed fellow soldiers, Duke Heller refused to send a search party to arrest them when they fled away on their armoured horses.[1a]

Duke Heller thrived in battle and he lusted to command an army more vicious and blood-thirsty than ever seen in the Land of Sigmar's descendants. Such a goal he strove to realize as he spent months of preparation for a great Chaos-Ritual that would warp his forces into a great Khorne-army that would wreck havoc to the heart of the Empire. To lead such an army Duke Heller would need to prove his worth with blood, as Khorne requires from all of his followers. The form of his test manifested itself in the midst of the ritual when he dueled a Chaos Champion that a led a small force of Chaos Knights - the very same knights he had let escape months past whom had made their horrific transformation in the Chaos Wastes. Duke Heller hoped to defeat this champion to take his place in command of this army of Chaos.[1c]

However, Duke Heller's goals would never be realized for he was distracted at a crucial point in the duel by a Lieutenant that had served in his army whom had previously deceived the Duke into thinking he was a fellow Chaos-Cultist. The look of horror would forever be on his face as the Chaos Champion's axe passed through his neck - severing head from body.[1e]


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