"Always make sure you have Doktor Schuller on site. Deniability? Good question. Pay her in advance, treat her with civility, and she'll turn around. Then she sees nothing until the duel is over, one way or another."
Blademaster Aleksandr Amblestadt's advice to his students.[2a]

A Duellist.

A complex legal system of formal duels was established throughout the Empire ages ago. Duellists are specialists in the lethal application of sword and pistol, hiring themselves out to safeguard the honour of others, though many of their kind come from the ranks of younger Nobles who duel for their own purposes.


Duellists come in two varieties: happy-go-lucky devil-may-care swashbucklers who regard their exploits as a continuous adventure, and deadly serious fighters who wear their honour on their sleeves and are very quick to take offence at slights, imagined or otherwise.[1a]

Duellists typically get their start as apprentices to Blademasters, the most accomplished and experienced duellists. Many a foolhardy apprentice has been killed or crippled in this dangerous trade. Those who survive past apprenticeship may have to supplement their income through other means. Some work as mercenaries or caravan guards, others as judicial champions- essentially duellists in trials of combat. Other Duellists travel the length and breadth of the old world, in search of masters to teach them exotic techniques.[2a]

Within the military hierarchy of the Empire's State Troops, skilled Duellists may act as Champions for regiments of Swordsmen.[3]


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