"First blood, ye fool! First blood! And here ye've gone 'n run 'im through!"
Ortolf Ehardt, Burgher.[3a]
Duelling Pistol

Duelling with Pistols.

The complex legal system of Duelling is used by the nobles of the Empire and other such fools.[1a][2a]


Fought with swords or pistols,[1a][3a] duels are methods of settling grievances or holding trial by combat.[1a][1b][3a] When a noble has to engage in a duel, they typically send a professional duellist as their surrogate instead.[1a] Similarly, judicial champions represent the law in trials of combat.[1b]

Duelling with pistols is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with impetuous, blue-blooded students at the University of Altdorf.[3a] Pistol duels usually take place at dawn, with each party firing at the other after walking ten paces. The pistol duel is of course very deadly, not only because of the exchange of gunfire at close range, but also because duelling pistols are temperamental weapons, prone to explosive malfunction at the most inopportune times.[2a] As such, more traditionally-minded nobles, particularly those of older generations, hold pistol duelling in low esteem, considering it both dishonourable and reckless.[3a]


In the realm of Bretonnia, duels are fought to maintain discipline and honour amongst rival Knights. These clashes commonly take place as Trials by Combat.[4]

When battling against more ordered and civilised nations, a Bretonnian army will occasionally present their opponents with the honour of single combat. Two champions will meet upon the battlefield, and he who stands at the end of their duel will be declared victorious. The loser's army will withdraw, ceding right of lawful conquest to the victor. These duels often function to prevent further bloodshed on both sides, or to break prolonged and gruelling stalemates.[5]


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