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Drusala, Handmaiden to Morathi

With Malekith's relationship with his mother at its lowest ebb in many years, most of Ghrond's warriors spoke and acted very carefully around the soldiery of other cities. Not so Drusala, who appeared blithely unconcerned by the ill favour in which her mistress was currently regarded, and passed from campfire to campfire with the sleekness and insouciance of a mountain panther. Drusala carried Hekarti's blessings wherever she went, and ever had some pendant or other small gift for nobles of rank. Most believed that she was trying to rebuild Morathi's battered reputation - they did not see the skeins of enchantment that were being woven tight around them.[1c]

Drusala, if she ever existed, greeted Malekith upon his arrival at Ghrond. Lithe and beautiful even by the unreal standards of Morathi's court, her hair was threaded with small black brambles that twitched and curled like a medusa's snakes. She addressed the Witch King with the full deference due, and explained that his arrival had been foreseen. The royal Morathi, Eternal Hekarti reborn, would grant her son an audience, but only he.[1a]

Although Drusala appeared to lead the sorceresses that followed Malekith on his journeys, she was instead Morathi herself under a glamour.[1b][1o]

The Hag Sorceress used this guise many times during both the Slaughter at Eagle Gate and The Battle of Reaver's Mark.[1q]


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