Druidic Priest

Druidic Priest

Druidic Priests are followers of the Old Faith, a pantheistic religion whose origins stretch back to the time before written history. They have strong associations with many ancient sites, such as barrows and stone circles, whose significance has long been forgotten by others.[1a][1b]

Druidic Priests, as their name implies, form the priesthood of the Old Faith and are derived from the existing ranks of Druids. In many ways, they are similar to Clerics, as they advance through four levels of power and gain certain magical abilities by following a strict code of life.

They tend to be reclusive and sometimes live as hermits in the depths of the forests. Some Druidic Priests tend the "sacred groves" which serve the Old Faith as temples and shrines, while others travel through the countryside, furthering the interests of their faith as they see fit and protecting the natural world as well as they are able.[1b]


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