The Druid is a practising member of the Old Faith, following a belief whose origin is lost in the mists of antiquity. The Old Faith is a belief system that exists outside the structures and organisations of the main religions of the Old World, but co-exists peacefully with them most of the time.

Druids pursue a strict code of life and strive to live in harmony with nature. They long for the natural order of a bygone age and have little patience with the modern world. Many choose to live apart from it altogether and all prefer the countryside to town life. Only Humans may become druids.[1a]

The term "Druid" is also applied to the Imperial wizards of the Jade Order who unleash the arcane power of the Green Wind of Ghyran, the Aethyric power of life itself. The druids of the Jade Order trace their ancestry back to the druids of the Old Faith, but believe that their ancestors were fundamentally misguided about the nature of the primal powers at their command.

Jade Wizards hold that they have learned the proper methods for controlling the flow of natural power across the world, and often treat druids of the Old Faith with kindness but subtle disdain for their failure to grasp the "true" nature of the arcane powers of life.


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