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The Druchii Anointed are a group of renegade dark elves that continued to worship Slaanesh openly after the Sundering. Banished by the edict of the Witch King, the Anointed have physically transformed by their long exposure to chaos energies.[1a]

All Anointed were once participants in the Cult of Pleasure that followed Morathi and her son into the New World after the disastrous civil war that tore the Elven homeland apart. When the Cult of Pleasure was outlawed for worship of Khaine, the Anointed refused to go into hiding or denounce their god and left for the Chaos Wastes. Here, they battled with the servants of the other Chaos Gods, eager for each new sensation. In their long battle, their numbers were severely reduced until only a handful remained. While most elves are resistant to mutation, the Anointed, due to their long exposure to the forces of chaos, have been transformed. Their eyes appear to be completely black, their skin either turned translucent or into ebony black and each of them was capable of terrifying feats of demonic strength.[1a]


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