Drenok Johansen, Wielder of the Great Axe is the mighty Chieftain of the Norscan Icefang tribe.


The great sagas of the Norse tribes tell of a mighty warrior known as the Wielder of the Great Axe. Long ago, in the icy, inhospitable land of Norsca, a young man with fire in his eyes and passion in his heart left his clan in search of his father's fate. His father was Johann warrior-prime, Chieftain of the Icefangs, possessed by a Daemon of Khorne. Johann disappeared, rumoured to have travelled across the seas. Leaving his clan in a self-imposed exile, he was never seen again in the lands of his birth.[1]

After many a long year within the realms of the Old World, Drenok took ship to the New World in search of his father. Weeks dragged on into months and months into years until, finally, the day came when the two warriors crossed paths. Only then did Drenok truly know fear, for when he looked upon his father, he saw only a Daemon.[1]

A titanic struggle ensued between father and son. The battle was fierce and long, lasting for many hours. With each wound Drenok inflicted upon the Daemon, his father, anguish and rage consumed his soul. Finally, Johann fell and the battle was won. But this was no true victory, this was a day of mourning. For Drenok had lost a part of his soul he could never reclaim. He gazed upon the great axe, which lay at the feet of his father's corpse, and realised it to be the legendary axe of the Icefang, his clan. Lifting the mighty weapon above his head, his hair braids blowing in the wind, he roared in defiance of the world...[1]

Wargear & Abilities

Like all Norscan Chieftains, Drenok was a mighty warrior, capable of besting an Exalted Daemon of Khorne in single combat.

  • The "Great Axe of the Icefang" - A massive double-handed axe, this weapon has been handed down through the ancestors of the Icefang tribe. It is said that a revered ancestor used the axe to slay a great White Dragon many centuries ago.
  • The "Sabretooth Tiger Hide" - This magical pelt protects Drenok from both physical and ranged attacks.


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