Drakwald Riders

The cavalry contingent known as the Drakwald Riders are famous for their thunderous charges. Two summers ago, they famously broke the flank of Waaagh! Blackaxe by charging across a hidden ford, their warhorses and demigryphs riding down mob after mob of greenskins until a full half of the enemy army collapsed in disarray.[1]

At the head of the Drakwald Riders are the Royal Altdorf Gryphites, amongst the finest of the Order's Inner Circle of cavalrymen. At their inception, these demigryph-riding veterans numbered over a dozen, but since the scouring of the Beastmen tribes from the Drakwald Road, their numbers have been sorely reduced. When Karl Franz received von Korden's plea for reinforcements, the Gryphites numbered only three - yet he bade them them join whatever remnants of Volkmar's crusade still lived. Despite their low numbers, the vicious mounts and long lances of these knights give them a distinct advantage over the Undead that plague Sylvania's countryside.[1]


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