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The Drakwald forest covers Hochland with a canopy of darkness. Roads theoretically connect the far-flung towns and logging camps, but contact is tenuous at best. The vast tracts of wilderness that separate villages are akin to hostile territory. For protection a series of forts, fortified inns and watchtowers are stationed along the highways. Drakwald Patrols regularly travel between stations, rotating garrison duty with other regiments. Occasionally troops will band together to mount an expedition into the forest to seek out and destroy bandits, nests of Forest Goblins, or Beastmen strongholds.[1d]

Darkwald Patrols are often made of a halberdier unit with several detachments working alongside them.[1d] A short barrage by a battery of mortars has proven an invaluable aid when the patrols attack Beastmen settlements in the deep forest.[1b]

Drakwald patrol forces often bear colour schemes or even emblems linking the various regiments and detachments.[1a] In some cases parent units and their detachments have the same or similar uniforms. In this case the main regiment, the Gruncaps, are green and red quartered, with a detachment of mostly green - Gunderman's Surefires, and one of mostly red - the Crimson Defiants. All formations are also interlinked with a similar insignia, a skull badge.[1d]

  • Crimson Defiants -- Tasked with protecting the most vulnerable flank of the Gruncaps. Are well known for their steadfast bravery in battle. Their badge is a yellow skull against a green background.[1d]
  • Gruncaps -- Veteran patrollers, having fought many battles in the forest. Their badge is a yellow skull with a bisected background of red (left) and green (right).[1d]
  • Gunderman's Surefires -- Trained alongside the Gruncaps and bear the same emblem. Durz Gunderman leads the unit and bears a Hochland Long Rifle.[1d]
  • Katzbulger Patrol - Guards the South road between Fort Defiant and the Cup and Horn Inn. Captain Katzbulger's reputation has grown since he singlehandedly slew a Minotaur in bloody close combat.[1d]


In Warhammer Uniforms & Heraldry, it is shown that Gunderman's Surefires have an emblem of a yellow skull on a red background, but the badge under Gruncaps is different, despite the information saying they are the same.


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