Poking through the shadowy canopy of the Drakwald Forest, far from the Middenheim to Altdorf road, is a steep rocky outcrop, topped with a lonely-looking Ulrican temple. This is a temple that serves no village, a temple with no worshippers or congregations, yet it is one of the cult's most important temples. This temple is the Drakwald College of the Holy Wolf, a renowned Ulrican seminary, famous for the devotion and piety of the priests it produces, and infamous for the brutal regime to which its initiates are subjected.[1a][1b]

Membership in the college is reserved for those initiates of Middenheim and Middenland who show great promise, and only a dozen are enrolled in any year. Initiates are subjected to a gruelling routine, replete with frequent beatings, arbitrary punishments, and lengthy rituals. Of those dozen who enroll, less than half will become priests, for many flee the harsh regime before ordainment—of course, because the college is deep in the dangerous Drakwald Forest, few who flee make it back to civilisation.[1b]

Many high priests of Ulric have come from the college, including Ar-Ulric Bronnstein, who famously died in battle fighting a Skaven raiding party on the steps of the high temple in Middenheim in 1116 IC.[1b]


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