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Drakwald was a province of The Empire, being the homeland of the ancient Thuringians. Situated between The Wasteland on the west, Middenland on the south-east and Nordland on the north, the province eventually fell under unclear circumstances.

Around 1110 IC, Drakwald's last ruler Count Vilner was slain and his Runefang was sent to Emperor Boris Goldgather, himself a Drakwalder, for safekeeping. Due to unknown reasons no new Elector Count of Drakwald was ever selected. For the next centuries, Drakwald was left unsupported and many of its settlements were destroyed by Beastmen and Goblins. By 1414 IC, Drakwald was divided between Middenland and Nordland, the latter receiving the lion's share of Drakwald's territories.

The province is home to its namesake Drakwald Forest, which covers part of Middenland and of Nordland. It is a dangerous forest inhabited by several Beastmen tribes.


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