Literally translated as "Slayer of Dragons" in Khazalid, Drakkaz-treng is a rune axe of some age and reverence. Its significance to the Donarkhun clan and its previous history are lost, but to reopen a vault to "awaken" (the meaning of this is unclear, but studies into the rune magic of the Dwarfs suggests that some, particularly venerable, artefacts require re-imbuing by a powerful runelord to make the ancient runes forged upon them potent again) such a treasure, one whose value to the dwarfs is greater than the wealth of some entire clans, denotes the seriousness in which the Karak Azul dwarfs took the presence of the dragon, Mordrak.[1a]

Wielded by Kurik Kaznagar, the axe aided the slayer in defeating the dragon in a fatal duel.[1b]


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