"The Great Wyrm sleeps below the Mountain. He will awaken and grant us power and riches beyond our wildest dreams and you non-believers will burn! His breath will blister the skin from your bones and reduce your skeleton to ash."
Tenants of the Drakk Cultists.[1]

A Drakk Cultist.[1]

The Drakk Cultists are Human zealots who worship the ancient Dragon, Azorgaron, as a god.


Ages ago, a great dragon, Azorgaron, and the Dwarf Runelords of old fought for dominance of the lands surrounding Thunder Mountain. Azorgaron was a titan of the Winds and the Runelords were armed with the legendary Anvils of Doom. It was an epic battle that shook Thunder Mountain to its very core. When it was over, the Dragon was wounded but triumphant. The great beast took to rest deep within the bowels of Thunder Mountain, sleeping as he recovered from his wounds.[1]

In his sleep, Azorgaron lays at the centre of the earth in his Hall of Dreams, awaiting the call of the Old Ones. The Great Wyrm does not sleep quietly, and his dreams call to those around him resulting in a cult that has sprung up around him.[1]

In the current age, the Dwarfs have come to seek out and recover the artifact known as Blackrune's Hammer. They do so in an attempt to call upon the potent runes of old to aid them in their fleeting war with the greenskins. The Drakk Cultists scattered about Thunder Mountain have not left this landmark of their god's greatness unattended. They have surrounded the area known as Blackrune's Demise with foul effigies and dark magics which stand in the Dwarfs' way to claiming their ancestor's hammer.[1]


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