Dragonback Mountains

A map of the Dragonback Mountains.

The Dragonback Mountains are a range of mountains located within the eastern shores of the Black Gulf, adjacent to the Worlds Edge Mountains in the East, and comprising much of the Badlands western borders. Dragonback in ancient times was a Dwarf Hold in its own right, first founded by an expedition of the Angbok Clan but it was the Rinkeldraz Clan who would later become the Kings of Dragonback. However, following the onset of the Goblin Wars, the Mines of Ekrund and the whole Dragonback Mountains range have since fallen to the marauding Greenskin tribes that invaded the Badlands in -1500 IC.

With the fall of Ekrund, the Dwarfs were forced to evacuate the mountains, leaving Ekrund to be renamed as Mount Bloodhorn by its new occupants and migrating towards Karak Izor and other holds. The Dragonback Mountains are now teeming with a large number of Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and Giants of every kind. With no external threat, as always, the Greenskins have begun to squabble amongst themselves.


The Dwarfs of Dragonback were all descended from a single group expedition consisting of a variety of Clans that wanted to claim a new patch of territory as their own. The Angbok Clan were the first to go on this expedition, but before they left the Worlds Edge Mountains, several other Clans had joined them. Originally, the expedition first made their first settlement upon the plains of the eastern Badlands, creating small farming communities dedicated to the making of beer and barley. Some Clans stayed, but the remainder kept moving west until they reached the Dragonback Mountains. From where, the Thane of the Rinkeldraz Clan became the new King of the mountains and founded his own dynasty.


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