Those Dwarfs who survive their careers as Giant Slayers become convinced that their disgrace is so terrible that the Ancestor Gods have denied them an honourable death. They engage in a ritual that involves self-inflicted scarring. As well as giving expression to the Slayer's growing sense of self-loathing, the scarring ritual symbolises the Slayer's dedication to following the mythical exploits of Grimnir. Through this ritual, they become Dragon Slayers.[1a]

Dragon Slayers are so rare that they were once thought to exist only in Dwarf armies. In fact, most Dragon Slayers travel alone, keeping away from any civilisation. They shun all contact with Dwarfs, and only the most reckless and danger-seeking Humans are suitable companions for the Dragon Slayer. Dragon Slayers frequent mountains, swamps, and other remote wilderness areas - anywhere that Dragons and more dangerous creatures might be found.[1a]


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