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"In the flashes of lightning, I saw scaled legs scrabble against the rock as the thing stood upright. It walked past without even bothering to glance at me. Last I saw it, it was scaling straight up a cliff. I saw others like it waiting at the summit of a mountain, their forms throwing massive shadows across the mountains as they fought amidst the lighting. I’ve never been back to Ice Break Ridge since."
Barthelm Vander, Hunter.[2a]

A host of Dragon Ogres riding the storm.

Dragon Ogres are amongst the most ancient of the world's living creatures. They are servants of the Ruinous Powers and resemble nothing so much as the upper torso and head of an Ogre fused with the lower body of a dragon, hence the name.

It is not uncommon for Dragon Ogres to serve as potent assault units in an army of Chaos Warriors.


The incredible longevity of the Dragon Ogres, as with almost all things supernatural, is the work of the Chaos Gods. Aeons ago, the elders of their race made a pact with the Ruinous Powers, embracing damnation in order to save themselves from a slow decline into extinction. They were given eternal life, and in return, the entire Dragon Ogre race put themselves at the command of the Dark Gods. Since that day, the Dragon Ogres have carved their names across the ages as immortals who can only die in battle, monstrous beings that rouse themselves only in the name of destruction.[1a]

Though they have lived for an age, Dragon Ogres spend most of their years slumbering under the mountains, and it is only when terrible storms assail the crests of the world that they stir and come to life. As lightning spears out of the skies, the Dragon Ogres scale mountain and glacier. They do this in order to bathe in lightning, rejoicing in the raw forces of nature, for it is the storm that invigorates them and fills them with deadly energy for their coming battles.[1a]

The Dragon Ogres look forward to a time when their eternal bondage will end with the destruction of the world by Chaos. Amid the lightning and thunder of the apocalypse, they believe that their entire race will wake once again. Until then, these creatures bring death to the enemies of Chaos in preparation for the End Times, hewing bodies with every sweep of their blades and swipe of their monstrous claws.[1a]




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