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"Another age turns and once more, the world is hung in the balance. Once again, my brethren must fight and die for a cause that means little to us. Long ago we made our decision and there is no changing it. But the long years have worn me, as the tide shatters the shore, and sometimes I grow weary of the endless battle. What is more, I now wonder if it truly was our decision. I’ve seen enough to know how manipulative the Architect of Fate can be. I suppose it matters not. In truth, the only time I truly feel alive is when I face a foe capable of killing me."

—Enrinsorga, Dragon Ogre Shaggoth[2a]
Dragon Ogre Shaggoths

A host of heroes battle a primordial Dragon Ogre Shaggoth in battle.

Dragon Ogre Shaggoths are Dragon Ogres of exceptional size, age, wisdom and martial power. They are living legends of carnage and devastation.


As a Dragon Ogre ages, it becomes ever larger, growing stronger and more powerful. As long as it can find lightning to refresh its body and revitalise its mind, there is no limit to the size one can reach. The eldest and most primal of their kind are truly titanic beings, each a towering mountain of muscle and fury, reinforced by the power of the raging storm.[1a]

Alive before the Elves had mastered the written word, before the first Greenskins crawled out of their caves, perhaps even before the Old Ones themselves visited the Known World, the oldest Shaggoths towered over forest canopies, temples and even fortresses. These monsters are the same creatures that bartered on behalf of their entire race with the Dark Gods at the coming of Chaos in the Great Catastrophe, and all who stand before them are slain with blade and claw.[1a]

Only the mightiest of thunderstorms can awaken a Dragon Ogre Shaggoth, and it is fortunate for the Old World that such ferocious tempests are rare. However, with each passing year the storm clouds grow a little blacker, and legend has it that when the End Times come, a storm will break of such apocalyptic magnitude that even the Shaggoth who is the sire of the Dragon Ogre race, Krakanrok the Black, will emerge from his ten-thousand-year slumber to lead his people in the final battle to visit his fury upon the world.[1a]

Notable Dragon Ogre Shaggoths

  • Kholek Suneater - Among the oldest of Shaggoths and the direct spawn of Krakanrok the Black himself.
  • Traygard Mountain-Clever - This millennia-old Shaggoth has little on its mind other than destroying entire tribes of Men with its deadly lightning storms.



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