The fierce Norse jarl, Valbrand Fireblade, leads a band of notorious Graeling slavers, who board their longships every summer and mercilessly raid the Old World from their northern strongholds in search of gold and thralls.[1a]

These brutal Norsemen are without remorse or pity for their prey. Each of their longships bears the figure-head of a red dragon breathing flame, a symbol that has come to be feared throughout Kislev, the Empire and beyond. Their raids become more daring with each passing year, and no one seems able to repel them.[1a]

The source of Valbrand's might is his devotion to the daemon prince, Surthrond, rumoured to be a fearsome half-giant, half-dragon minion of Khorne. According to the rumours, Surthrond has granted Valbrand a flaming sword as a reward for his loyalty. Such is the jarl's renown that whenever he requires crew for his raids, he simply has to visit any Graeling settlement and hold aloft his fiery blade to attract a flock of young warriors eager to set sail with him.[1a]

The slavers sell their captives as thralls to neighbouring tribes. There are tales that they sometimes have dealings with the infamous Druchii of far-away Naggaroth. It is also rumoured that Valbrand sacrifices the choicest slaves before a great pyramid of burning skulls in the remote tundra of the Graeling lands.[1a]


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