The Dragon Emperor (also known as the Celestial Dragon Emperor[1a][1b]) is the ruler of the empire of Cathay, the largest human nation in the world. He rules over a vast empire of many different peoples and cultures and his subjects number untold millions.

The Dragon Emperor is said to be immortal[1a], but the names of several different Emperors are known. Some believe that he is an actual Dragon in the form of a man[1b].

Known Emperors

  • Emperor Xen Huong ruled around -2748 IC. Under his reign, the neighbouring Ogre tribes who had maintained peaceful relationships with Cathay started to devour human children along the border. His coven of astromancers may have had a hand in the arrival of the Great Maw comet that crashed in the Ogre homelands and drove them westwards.[2a][3a]
  • An unnamed Dragon Emperor unified the land of Cathay into a single empire in -1800 IC[4a]. He ordered the construction of the Great Bastion, a gigantic fortified wall, to protect his new empire against the marauding tribes of the Hung and Kurgan.
  • Emperor Wu, of the Wu dynasty, was crowned in 1676 IC. In 1690 (the fourteenth year of his reign[5a]) he sent a large fleet to invade and conquer the Southlands[5a][5b] in order to compete with Araby in the spice trade. The invasion ended in utter failure due to two great typhoons that dispersed and sunk the fleet. It was probably this same Emperor Wu who met Ricco and Robbio's large Tilean expedition in 1699[6a]. In the end he hired its members to protect the western borders of his empire against the Hobgoblin hordes.

The Monkey King

In 2377 IC, the so-called Monkey King seized power in Cathay, installed Warlord Kishkik of Clan Eshin as an advisor, and began trade with the Skaven Under-Empire[7a]. It is unclear how long he lasted in power, since apparently there is another Dragon Emperor currently in power. It's also unclear if he's in any way related to the strange monkey warriors living high in the Mountains of Heaven.[8a]


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