Drachenberg, also spelled Drakenberg,[2a] is a peak in the Grey Mountains near Reikland, visible from towns in the Vorbergland such as Wheburg. The headwaters of the River Bögen are near Drachenberg.[1a]

The mountains name roughly translates to "Dragon Peak," an apt name, for its crags have long been inhabited by monsters such as Dragons, Basilisks, Wyverns, and Manticores. Its most notable resident was the enormous Red Dragon known as Caledair, or the Scythe of Fire. For generations, she ranged across the Reikland, spreading terror and destruction. Although she has not been seen in over 100 years, it is not known whether she is dead, or merely sleeping.[1a]

Drachenberg has proven alluring to climbers, hoping to discover some monster's treasure hoard. However, the ascent is very dangerous, with no good routes. Parts of the mountain side are sheer cliffs, while others are sparsely timbered, and have a very loose layer of topsoil.[1a] Other perils include jagged rocks, avalanches, and of course Drachenberg's infamous monsters.[2a]

An obelisk of some sort is located at the summit of Drachenberg, which has some sort of ancient evil bound to it.[2a]

Mantikor Castle is a fortification located at the base of the mountain.[2a]


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