General Dorian Silverblade, master of the army of the north, Lord of Halustur, by grace of Malekith, and Keeper of the Iron Key, was Lord High Marshal of Naggaroth. He was also Urian Poisonblade's older half-brother.[1a]

Both Dorian and Urien had been born the poor scions of an impoverished ancient line. Of his brother, he showed no liking to, especially after the scandal that now tainted their entire family. Yet Dorian did not mind admitting that he feared his brother in a manner unseemly to feel towards a younger sibling.[1a]

Despite everything, Dorian still missed Urian at times, the two having come from the same place. They had chosen different paths to fame and fortune at the court of Naggaroth, with Urian taking to the pits and bed chambers, and Dorian on the battlefield. They had both achieved success, with one of them going on to demonstrate how transitory that could be.[1a]


  • Dorian had an affair with sorceress by the name of Cassandra, who was a follower of many secret paths, not all of which were particularly favoured by Malekith.[1a]


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