"I saw the thing with my own eyes, a great orb of steel the size of a steamship and packed with raw wyrdstone. Ikit Claw constructed his wyrdstone bomb over the fault running beneath Karak Azul. If he’d been able to unleash the power of his weapon, he could have precipitated an earthquake the likes of which no dwarf has seen since the Time of Woes."
Klarak Bronzehammer, describing Ikit Claw's terrible Doomsphere[3c]
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The Doomsphere is the brainchild of Chief Warlock Engineer Ikit Claw, a device which is practically considered the first ever creation of an Atomic Bomb. This weapon is fueled by massive amounts of Warpstone, encased inside a titanic sphere which magnifies the warpstones' destructive power into an explosion that could literally result in the biggest catastrophe ever seen since the Time of Woes.[3c]


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