A Doomsayer conducting a Dooming Day

The Doomsayers are a subsidiary order within the Augurs, responsible for travelling to remote areas to perform Doomings and funerals when there is no local temple of Morr. Some Doomsayers are closely linked to a particular temple, which is as likely to be of the Order of the Shroud as of the Augurs, and travel a fixed route. Others wander apparently at random, visiting temples as they pass them. These Doomsayers always claim to be following their dreams. Two kinds of Doomsayer really do seem to be guided by Morr. The first kind arrives in a settlement the day before a child’s tenth birthday, or just as someone has died, precisely in time to perform the necessary rites.[1a]  

In some cases, this is due to a good network of contacts and a fast horse, but in others there seems to be no natural cause. The second group is guided to places where many people are about to die, whether from battle, plague, or natural disaster. Members of this group claim to have dreams they cannot ignore, and argue about their meaning. Some, the majority, believe it is impious to try to prevent the deaths, as Morr has decided it is time for those people to enter his realm. They believe they are sent to perform funeral rites. Others believe Morr sometimes directs them to places where there is a danger of many people entering his realm before their time, so it is their duty to try to prevent, or at least mitigate, the disaster. A handful suggest Morr does both, choosing agents who act appropriately in each situation.[1a]


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