These spire-tipped chariots are pulled by Helldrakes – monsters bred by Dark Elf Sorcerers, and that combine the ferocity of a wolverine with the might of a dragon, with jaws capable of biting through the thickest steel.[1a]

The Helldrakes are harnessed to the Doomreaver's towers. These are crewed by a small number of specially trained beast-handlers that have raised their Helldrakes from birth, and are the only ones that can control these ferocious beasts. They guide the Helldrakes with magical lances that send explosive bursts of agony ripping through the creatures if they disobey.[1b]

Helldrakes are so fierce that they will attack anything that is not of their own pack. All the Doomreavers in a squadron are pulled by Helldrakes raised from the same clutch of eggs, but even they will sometimes attack each other in the fervour of battle.[1b]


  • Dark Elf Doomreaver
  • Dark Elf Doomreaver


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