Doomed Legion

The Doomed Legion

This was the latest incarnation of the Doomed Legion – a grave guard raised once more to fight as Krell's bodyguard. Their banner was the very same which was carried at the Battle of the Reik, when Krell fought against Sigmar. Through the long ages their fell blades had cut down innumerable foes and pale steel glowed with an eerie green light. When the Doomed Legion marched, it did so to the dirge-like blasts of a horn – a distinctive and gloomy sound that foretold of death and doom to all who heard it.[1a]

The deathless warriors of the Doomed Legion had fought at Krell's side since their mortal days. When they were alive, they fought for the glory of Khorne, but in death the Doomed Legion served Nagash no less faithfully than does their chieftain. Krell had led only a portion of his old warband on the Nehekharan campaign. However, on his return to Sylvania, Nagash had despatched necromancers to the four corners of the Old World, bidding them recover the legion's remains, and restore them to their former glory. Thus was a terror of old restored beneath its ash-dark banner, and the Doomed Legion made whole once more.[2a]


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