The Donjon of Dol.[1]

During the Affair of the False Grail, Maldred, aided by Malfleur's magic, imprisoned the Fay Enchantress. There are few places where the fay could be held prisoner, but unfortunately for her, Maldred took her to the forbidding Donjon of Dol, a lonely, little-known tower that rises from the sea just off the north western coast of Mousillon.


The Donjon is a tower of sea-sprayed black granite, perhaps of ancient elven design now eroded into a gnarled finger of rock pointing at the sky. The Fay languished in the Donjon until a Questing Knight named Gaston de Geste was led by visions to the Donjon. There he defeated the monster Maldred had sent to guard the spindly stone bridge leading to the tower and released the Fay Enchantress. For this deed, the Fay granted Gaston the vacant throne of Bretonnia, and it was as king that Gaston led the knights who rode into Mousillon and besieged the City. The Donjon was forgotten, save perhaps by the Fay herself.

The Donjon of Dol still remains off Mousillon's coast, lashed by storms. The narrow stone bridge that once connected it to the coast fell during gaston's battle with the beast, and the Donjon can only be reached by somehow traversing the treacherous rocks and churning sea and then somehow climbing up to the entrance halfway up the rocky spire. The beast is also there, its flint hard bones lying broken on the rocks where it fell, and during low tides, a perceptive adventurer might just glimpse the bleached ivory of its twisted, spiny backbone, festooned with seaweed and encrusted with barnacles.

Inside, the Donjon is scarred by magic, both the dark sorcery of Malfleur and the life-bringing power of the Fay Enchantress. The tower is in constant flux between the powers, so that while some rooms might be foul chambers of veiny flesh where faces scream from the walls, others are verdant with lush grass and flowers and bathed in a pale wondrous light. The original purpose of the Donjon is unknown and its many chambers connect in a dizzying spiral up towards the cell at the very top where the Fay Enchantress was imprisoned, and the ensorcelled shackles used to hold her are still there. Maldred never explored the Donjon thoroughly and perhaps there are other secrets locked in its granite depths.


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