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A vicious and bloodthirsty woman of the northern Dolgan tribes.

The Dolgans are one of the largest and most powerful of all the nations of the Kurgan peoples, renowned for their fractious nature and insular hatred of other Northmen, for such is their location at the very borders of the civilised lands that it puts them in conflicts with marauding Chaos armies seeking to plunder the lands of the Old World for wealth, glory and sacrifices, killing anyone that stands in their way, whether they be civilised men or their fellow barbarian.[1a] During Archaon's ascension as the Everchosen, the Dolgan were lead by a gypsy queen who cursed the enemies of the tribe with misfortune and used an army of inbred lover-marauders to challenge Archaon. They were defeated and large swaths of the tribe joined the dark templar in his quest.[3a]

Like all Kurgan, they are horsemen and raiders par excellence, raiding and pillaging the lands of their neighbouring tribes or going down south towards the lands of Kislev, coming either as immigrants or as invaders. Indeed, for such is their close proximity to the fertile lands of Kislev and their common customs and traditions with their cousins the Gospodar and Ungols, the Dolgans stand at a fine line between civilised men or vicious barbarians. Indeed, for whilst the northern Dolgans may appear more barbaric and primitive, the southern Dolgans are much more civilised and have since populated a significant portions of Kislevite cities.[2a]

As of today, the Kislevite Dolgans were already a people in decline, and their ways were looked down upon by most other tribes as being unclean, possibly because the Gods they worshipped bore a striking resemblance to those of the Chaos Wastes.[2a]


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