Divorce is very rare in the Empire. The numerous ties to land, family, tribe, and province bind people together in so many ways that such a separation is often beyond consideration. When a couple decides to divorce, they must find a priest to do an unbinding ceremony—preferably the same priest who married them, or at least one of the same cult. The couple is to bring their binding cord or sash, which is severed with a ritual knife by the priest, who then throws the two halves into a ritual fire (or into a body of water if the couple was married by a priest of Manann). Before the ceremony can commence, the couple must first come to an agreement on how property, care of children, and inheritance rights are to be divided. This process can go on for hours, days, or even weeks, and if necessary another priest is brought in to help mediate the dispute—it is considered unlucky to seek such counsel from the priest that does the unbinding, and most adamantly refuse to give it. Divorce among nobles is even more rare and convoluted than that among the common folk, as larger things are at stake. Families, burghers, and concerned business owners often get into the fray, turning a couple's personal conflict into a prolonged legal battle.[1a]


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