Bright College

Approaching 30 and of medium build, Dieter is beginning to look fairly mad. He has not washed, combed, or shaved for two weeks, and his only set of clothes are creased and dirt-ridden.[1a]

Despite his appearance, Dieter is (initially) reasonably sane, apart from his obsession with ruining Pritzstock. However, under the influence of the cave and Stefan’s spirit, the bright wizard will become increasingly unstable as the days pass. This is reflected in the behaviour of the skulls—early on they simply frighten people, but are later used to attack and kill.[1a]

If captured (and Rocheteau is still alive) Dieter will not reveal much without being tortured. If brought face-to-face with Rocheteau, Dieter will fall into a mad rage and attempt to kill him. If Rocheteau has already been killed then he will be proud of his activities, claiming that it was just retribution for the death of his brother.[1a]


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