The Crystal Palace is a front for the thieves of the Cult of Ranald in Deadgate. Whilst the women, musicians, and stage entertainers are distracting the patrons, the owner of the place, master thief Dieter Langmans, carefully scrutinizes guests, picking out those he thinks are the drunkest and who will net the cult the most loot. Once marked, women or men as appropriate go into the crowd to lure them away with suggestions of a special treat upstairs in the Crystal Room.[1a]

The marks are then discreetly taken upstairs via a staircase just inside the entrance to a room in the centre of the building with windows on all four sides. Once there, they are slipped a mickey, a hallucinogenic compound the guild has made from Mad Cap Mushrooms culled from the ruins. At first, the drug is very pleasurable for the user, but after 10 minutes they fall asleep. The thieves then move in and strip the victim of all his belongings, taking even his clothing. Two toughs take the unconscious body out by a back staircase to be thrown in an alley far away from the Palace.[1a]

Another interesting side effect of the drug is that it also creates memory loss in the user. The mark wakes up, stripped of his belongings in the street with no recollection of why he is there or how he was robbed. In some severe cases, the drug may kill the victim.[1a]

Confronting Dieter and exposing or eliminating him complicates things for those who want to do so. The cult will certainly come looking for the accusers if they cause Dieter any trouble.[1a]

Dieter is a thin, wiry man with straight brown hair. When seen at the Crystal Palace, he always wears his best clothing, his jewellery, and his gem-studded scabbard.[1a]

He is known to meet often with High Priest Cosimir to discuss important issues.[1b]


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