Celestial College

Dieter is a master Celestial wizard. Dieter is never visibly surprised. Often, this is because his magical insight means he was expecting something like that, but sometimes it’s simply because he is very good at hiding his reactions. He is prone to saying things like “well, of course” and “naturally” when people tell him things, suggesting that he already knew them.[1a]

He is also extremely tolerant of rudeness and general bad behaviour. He wants adventurers to know that their behaviour is inappropriate, but as they are mere adventurers he doesn’t feel that they can reasonably be held to civilised standards. If they figure out just how patronising he is, they may go off on him.[1b]

Dieter is in his late sixties and showing his age. His hair and full beard are white with occasional flecks of grey, and he walks with a slight stoop. His blue robes are embroidered in silver with comets, moons, and stars. In fact, there are rather too many such images, making the effect busy rather than impressive.[1b]


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