One of the most renowned cadet schools in Reikland is the Diesdorf Military College, founded by Emperor Wilhelm III in 2440 IC. The Imperial treasury funds the school, so entry is not reserved for the wealthy. The college attracts men already serving in the military whose talents for leadership have not gone unnoticed. Entry requires only a recommendation from a superior.[1a]

The yearly intake of 180 cadets is divided into companies of 60, commanded by a major, each further divided into platoons of 20, commanded by a captain. Platoons are named after a famous battle: Black Fire Pass, Blood Gorge, Hel Fenn, Nebelheim, Swartzhafen, Maustadt, Wolfenberg, Howling Hills and Grim Moor.[1a]

The college's Commandent is Captain Theocritus von Hayek, an old soldier retired from the army of Nordland after he lost his right arm to a Norscan's axe. He runs the place with the same fierce discipline with which he commanded his troops, and expects his students to graduate as the epitome of the officer class: loyal, selfless and bound by honour. His school has certainly been successful in this regard; among its alumni are many highly decorated Imperial officers.[1a]


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