Diesdorf is a small town in Reikland, located between Altdorf and Nuln on the River Reik.[1a][2a]

Corn is the basis of the economy of Diesdorf and its surrounding villages. The crop is mainly traded downriver to Altdorf. However, Diesdorf's reliance on corn means that disastrous consequences would follow if a corn blight were to strike the area.[1a]

Diesdorf is also pilgrimage center for the Cult of Sigmar. This began when Magnus the Pious gave a legendarily powerful speech to the crowds gathered here. Diesdorf has many more shrines to Sigmar than would be expected for a town of its size. Most families in Diesdorf have at least one member in the Sigmarite clergy.[1a]

Diesdorf's underworld is contested by two rival crime families, the Havilunds and the Frankles, who have a long history of murdering each other.[3a]

Diesdorf is the probable location of the Diesdorf Military College.


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