Derrevin Libre is a village in eastern Aquitaine where the peasants hold power. Their previous lord was truly repellent, and when the peasants rebelled, none of his neighbours cared to help him. As a result, for almost the first time, a peasant rebellion succeeded, exposing the lord as a servant of Nurgle and destroying him and his whole family.[1a]

Normally, the local lords would immediately have poured in to re-establish the rightful order of things. However, they were distracted by three separate feuds, and none of them dared to move. This gave the peasants time to consolidate, attract several bands of Herrimaults, and prepare for the inevitable counterattack. The loss of over a dozen knights after they charged straight into a pit trap is not spoken of among nobles by anyone who values his life.[1a]

The village has now been free for over six months, and the leaders—particularly Carlomax, the most experienced Faceless—are planning to attack other nobles and extend their power. They calculate that if they can take enough land, they will be able to hold off anything short of a counterattack by the King himself. At the same time, the surrounding nobility, particularly the young Lord Recherre, are planning a counterattack that would teach the uppity peasants a lesson. A cultist of Khorne was recently burned in the area; some fear that there may be more lurking.[1a]


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