"The Blood Knights of the sea are elite, armour-clad sentries to the dreaded seafaring creatures of the night."
The Depth Guard of the Vampire Coast.[1]
Wh2 dlc11 cst depth guard

A Vampiric Depth Guard.[1]

The Depth Guard are elite Blood Knights utilised by the Undead fleet of Luthor Harkon.[1]


Depth Guard are the most feared soldiers of the zombie pirates’ fighting dead. Like their land-based counterparts, the Blood Knights, they are elite, Vampiric sentries clad in ancient, eldritch armour and bolstered by the Vampiric curse. Unlike the mobs of Undead crewmen, Depth Guard are not raised from the rabble who died on the oceans, and instead are hand-picked warriors who were given the Blood Kiss before being taken aboard pirate warships to serve their masters closely. The indefatigability of the Depth Guard means that any normal blow or bullet that strikes them has little chance of stopping them in a fight. They will trudge forward and fight unrelentingly until their bodily remains are utterly obliterated or their master’s control over them is broken.[1]

The Vampire Admiral, Count Noctilus is known to utilise his own personal band of Depth Guard, known as the "Bloody Reaver Deck Guard".[1]


  • Portrait of a Depth Guard
  • Portrait of a Depth Guard
  • Portrait of a Bloody Reaver Deck Guard


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